"I ride bikes ever since I was a yougster! Back then, I used to ride to school in a wheelie every morning and I was known for having crazy ideas! As you see, my passion for biking hasn't left me to this day. I'm still spending most of my free time on pedals  and my friends keep motivating me to try new, crazy things. Content creation has been a passion of mine for many years, that's why I started uploading bike videos to the internet in the first place. I also share my highlights on Instagram and TikTok. In addition to all that, my affinity for fashion and textiles accompanies me, which is why I started my own clothing lable back in 2021, RideSet."



"When I started downhill biking in 2017, I couldn't get enough of the sport. I quickly discovered many like-minded people on social media, including mountainbike pro Fabio Wibmer. Many of his videos motivate me to this day and through him, I got to know the street trials scene. It quickly became clear that I felt at home in the sport and bought my first trials bike in 2020. I ride my bike almost every day and keep pushing my limits as far as possible!"



"Ever since I was a little boy I loved to ride my bike! When I saw one of Danny MacAskill's many videos and rode a trials bike for the first time in 2019, my interest was piqued. I put all the money I had saved together and bought my first street trials bike. Ever since then, I've been pedaling almost every day and it fills me with joy to see how I'm slowly progressing! I also work as a bicycle mechanic, which as you can imagine, comes in very handy from time to time!"



"For me, trialbiking is like meditation: put on headphones, take your bike, go out into the city and your problems disappear. Ever since I bought my first trialsbike back in 2019, my enthusiasm has been growing. Slowly but surely, a beginner's bike became a premium vehicle, trips through the city became trips through Europe. By opening an Instagram account, I was given a portal where there were tons of other people who were just like me. I found many new friends over time, friends with whom I've made the cities unsafe and still do to this day! I'm grateful to have been able to do all this and I don't plan to stop any time soon!"



"In 2017, a good friend introduced me to biking. At first we rode around town on our mountain bikes, did wheelies and enjoyed the fresh air. We quickly became aware of the street trials niche and started to learn tricks. Time passed fast and we got better and better. At that time the desire to have my own street trials bike was immensely big! It was really expensive but the dream of having my own streettrials bike became reality in the summer of 2018. The videos and pictures from other bikers motivate me on daily bases and I can't wait to see what the future holds! It would be a dream to be able to make a living from biking!"



"When I'm not in the gym, at work or sleeping, I'm usually on my bike. This is the place where I let my mind wander. What I appreciate the most is that most of the time there are no rules or regulations and that I can fully concentrate myself and my skills on the pedals. Since I I have a BMX background, the street trial world is a completely new one for me, but it is a lot of fun to learn the tricks on the streettrials bike as well. How this goes can be seen in the RideSet episodes!"